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it when they impeached bill clinton. so let's talk about this grand standing, hula hooping bonanza of bs the republicans have thrown at chuck hagel. look at the list of gop senators who voted today again to continue the filibuster against the president's nominee for secretary of defense. barrasso, enzi, mcconnell, roberts, boozman, grassley, heller, hoeven, inhofe, i.c.sa c isaacson, rubio, scott, tumyi, wicker. all these republicans voted today against having a vote on hagel. they did so after it was clear there would be a vote today. they did it to put themselves on record to undermine the functions of the government. they did it to put themselves on record for no better reason than to undermine, undermine is the key word here, the successful functioning of our government. they knew it would hurt hagel's prestige, would discredit president obama's leadership, and did it anyway. want to know why the government is grinding to a halt? check this list. they are men bent on division, distrust, and disdain toward the elected presidency of barack obama. and i mean it. i'm joined by steve clem
clinton also knows this. here's bill clinton at a conference i was at with him a year ago. >> i think you could tax me at 11 00% and you wouldn't balance the budget. we all have to contribute to this. if middle class people's wages were going up again and we had some growth in the economy, i don't think they would object to going back to the tax rates that i obtained when i was president. >> isn't the honest thing to tell the american people if you're going to be raising money by raising taxes that it has to be on more than just a few at the top? >> no, i think the honest thing is to take a balanced approach. i certainly agree with what you just said and with what president clinton said, that you cannot solve this deficit problem simply by asking higher income individuals to pay a whole lot more, because there's just not enough there which is why we've said we need a combination of revenue from closing those tax breaks that disproportionately benefit the very wealthy and mitt romney and paul ryan talked about how they were there. in fact, speaker boehner's proposal just about a couple mon
and fellow nbc newser chelsea clinton turns 33 today. >>> all day long you can stay on top of the very latest developments on those stories and the best political analysis on msnbc. and tonight, be sure to watch "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >>> and, finally, here's a look at what's coming up later this morning on the "today" show. it's a real life treasure hunt, hear about a man who buries a chest filled with gold in the mountains but not before living some clues behind. >>> and donald and ivanka trump live in studio this morning to talk about return of ""celebrity apprentice" all-stars." >>> now keep it on this channel for continuing local news, weather, sports and more. i'm richard lui along with bill karins. thanks for watching "early today." just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. have a good one. deep sadness that i stand before you this evening to talk about the death of my two officers. >> a tragedy in santa cruz. a community in mourning as they remember two officers killed in the line of duty. >> and the shootout is caught on tape. we talk to the man who
for seeming to weed out employees and took hillary clinton to task for embracing yasser arafat's wife. and yasser arafat took mel gibson to task and also took renee zellweger to task. took the school newspaper at at high school to task. really, really haitz anti-semitism. some of those seem like an overreyak but he feels like he is standing up for a group whenever he feels they are unfairly ma lined. >> assemblyman dove dressed up for a party dressed up in blackface makeup, an afro wig and an orange jersey. [ laughter ] >> jon: what? >> not that it really matters but that is poorly done blackface. he doesn't look like a basketball player but a jew that went on a cruise without a hair product. what possible excuse do you have for do this? >> it was purim. it's when people get dressed up and try to look different and try to be different. >> jon: really, purim. what it's purim. everyone knows on purim you get to be racist. [ laughter ] black history what now? i'm sorry i interrupted you. you were digging a deeper hole. >> on purim people dress up as arabs. everything you can imagine. >>
to the lincoln bedroom, the clinton years? >> somebody could look at it, i thought it was interesting and my co-host "the five" bob beckel, come on what president said he's going to be different and not had money influencing politics and change his mind. but ins pretty bold and i remember when organizing for action was first created i thought, are they going to run into some problems and i would say that the press secretary, jay carney yesterday, he earned his money for the president yesterday because when he went out to talk about this, he kind of had to tap dance a little bit and i think if i were he, i would have said, you know, jim messina, you guys think you're so smart putting this together. you go and brief the press. >> sean: i was thinking this week when robert gibbs admitted he was applying for the press secretary job which is the job you held under president bush, that he was told never to refer to the drone program that we have going on. would you have taken the job. well, that was-- i don't know all of the details so i don't know how the whole conversation went. the question that w
the possibility and we think back to the fall of 1995 when bill clinton and the congress had to stand up and clinton refused to sign the bill. we had a shut down and the public sided strongly against the republicans and they folded quickly on that. what's your read right here. were you looking at the numbers and playing this out. is it more likely it will take a shut down and the run up to the shut down. >> we are talking about raising taxes. they are not talking about folding taxes. it would be very difficult for speaker boehner to raise revenue without going all the way to the end. yesterday ron johnson suggested that barron could lose it and the fact that they are talking about it speaks to the cost of the leadership. it's quite possible that the democrats will need to be being willing to go all the way through the shut down if they intended to create the simples for republicans to raise revenue. that involves dismannedling unity and saying we can't take this backlash and all of that comes out after a shut down. >> nate dog, nice to see you. i want to talk about this poll. interesting
, after all the leading contender to lose the 2016 nomination to hillary clinton. seriously, wtf new york. thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything. >> john: welcome back to "viewpoint." i'm john fuglesang. now, more and more republicans are coming out in support of marriage equality and viewer derek worms tweeted to us they're changing their tone now because they have to, not because they want to. this is a matter of evolving to survive. evolving. whoa, derek, are you saying they also believe in evolution now? this is not your grandfather or o your nonexistent eighth an ancestor from a world that's only 6,000 years old republican party. if you have a comment please tweet us at "viewpoint" or john fuglesang or use the hashtag "viewpoint" or post it on our facebook page. in an ideal world i guess every american would support marriage equality because doing otherwise would mean discriminating against a group of american citizens based solely on who they love. unfortunately, we do
for the two years that i was there, as i watched his from predecessor, president clinton for eight years during his administration, and both of them made judgments that reflected the political reality of a particular moment. if you don't believe in politics, you really shouldn't be president. but my observation of president obama, like my observation of president clinton, was that they understood that in the long run history was going to be the judge and that was all that really mattered. and if the issue was really important, they were going to do what they thought was best for the country. and president obama believes there are some very important principles here about what kind of process there should be, as the president negotiates with congress, about the need for balance between spending and revenues as we address national problems. about looking at all different areas, as we address these things. >> rose: and do you believe -- >> while protecting the middle class at a time when inequality in our country really has taken off in a very, very dramatic way and so -- >> rose: a gap...
. >> as john kerly said upon assuming his new role of secretary of state following hilary clinton, i have big heels to feel. >> like her predecessor she's being appointed at the age of 29. if you think she's not experienced enough to take the job, think again. >> someone who knows city hal, knows the workings of the board and certainly has a history. >> as someone who has lived in district 4 for over 20 years, i am so honored to be able to serve on the board of supervisors. >> some people we spoke with in tang's district are not familiar wher, but the mayor says it was important to give the community a person that presents continuity. >> i bet she will rise toth occasion and that it will be a good experience for her, as well. >> it's upsetting. we love these people. why don't they stick it out. >> tang will only hold the office until november when she can run for reelection. tomorrow she and her former boss will be officially sworn in to their new jobs. live in san francisco, i'm paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details now. she is 29 years old and a graduate of uc davis. she is al
president bill clinton got his start in politics in 1967 as an intern to senator william fall bright who filibustered the civil rights act as well as the 1965. ah-ha. >> why do they have to reach 30, 40 years in the past to get you? >> stephanie: look at them. they're cheating on me. also on newsbusters randi rhodes republicans are mess heads who want to tank our economy. how dare her. she's stealing my press! [ ♪ dramatic ♪ ] [ ♪ nah nah nah nah nah ♪ ] >> caller: before i go on a short ranter, i have a quick question for jim. what do you care about least? donald trump's opinion on anything or the kardashians? >> oh, that's a tough one. [ ♪ "jeopardy" theme ♪ ] >> stephanie: game show for you. >> at least donald trump is a source of comedy for me so probably the kardashians. >> caller: mama, i am sick to death of this stumbling from one created crisis to another. it is the sequester it is the fiscal cliff, it is the one where they lost our credit rating. i forget that one. you know, it is all manufactured. >> stephanie: yep. >> caller: did you hear the sobs jumping up and do
today. in fact former president bill clinton today this afternoon that some efforts to disenfranchise voters are even more determined today than 40 years ago. and let's look at a few of the darkest example from the sunshine state. florida cut early voting the sunday before the election this year, and one consultant explained why. quote . . . yes, he really did say that. not only were there fewer days to vote, but there were fewer polling stations in minority a neighbors. blacks and hispanics in florida waited nearly twice as long to vote as whites did. the orlando sental reported that nearly 200,000 voters gave up in frustration without voting. and then the voter id laws. the only thing that stopped states like alabama and georgia from follow the lead was, yeah you guessed it the voting right's act. republican governors of many states filed a brief arguing the act is unconstitutional because it kept them from implementing voter id laws. that's what it is supposed to do. and that in a nutshell is why we still need it today. as part of our the march goes on series i'
carmen chu today. >> secretary of state following hillary clinton, i have big heels to fill. >> the mayor appointed carmen chu's long time legislative aid to tang over as the new supervisor for district 4. mayor lee said he made the decision after talking to people in the outer sun set district and other candidates. >> came to the conclusion that we have one of the finest, smartest legislative aids, someone who knows city hall, knows the workings of the board. >> mayor lee is giving her a new role as the city's assessor recorder. she will be sworn in tomorrow. >>> the results of an exclusive ktvu poll on california's support for the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. back in 1969 just 13% of voters supported marijuana legalization. ahead at 6:00 we'll look into how voters felt about medical marijuana dispensaries in their community. >>> beer drinkers all across the country are suing busch for what they claim is watered down beer. a lawyer for the class action suit says the information comes from employees who say the alcohol content was reduced 3 to 8%. busch makes budweiser,
to do for his state that was get the money in i also helped barack obama. no doubt it. >> clinton is a big fan. you are probably glued to the academy. there comes jack nicholson who look at little unsteady, on monday nights that happens to jack occasionally. he throws it to michelle obama. last night we said we have nothing against the first lady, in fact, i like her and i think she has done good work in the public service with the weight and the exercise and all of that this was a very slick piece of propaganda. you see the military people in the background orchestrated by harvey weinstein a fanatical obama supporter. all of this playing to the obama's strength. was there anything wrong with this in a general sense? not ideological. >> i wasn't disturbed ideologically. the problem i is is you you bic question at ubiquity. he is at the super bowl. he is at the classic. the basketball game on aircraft carrier. he does his brackets for the ncaa on live television. and now you get michelle at the oscars. is there nowhere where we can be in the absence. even a temporary absence of thi
come president clinton. this is behavior that takes us back to the 50's. >>reporter: women caucus says mcfar lan new low in treatment of women. group formally complained to the academy of motion picture art and science. >> state lawmakers in the process of amending a rape law that dates back 1 40 years. might be surprised the law was ever put on the book in the first place but stun to know this it's still there. annette reports now from sacramento. >> hi. about senate public safety committee moved swiftly to bring california rape law in the 21st century. flash back to 1872. california capitol was still under construction and los angeles a mere village with 5000 residents. lawmakers pass a law to make ate crime to impersonate married woman husband in order to get her to concept by sex. by the narrow definition only rape if the victim is married. fast forward to today. l.a. county now home to continue million people and distinction still exists. >> large number of women in california are currently vulnerable to loop hole in the law unaccept nabl 2013 current state law does
is not a majority message in america. it never will be. the way the democrats came back in '92 with bill clinton is move from left to center left coalition. republicans have any success they have to move to the center right coalition. they can't be dominated by their right. if they are, they lose. because the right is almost all white. and you can't win in this country anymore with all white electorate. >> dana: vanilla coke, you mean. let me say for example, herman cain ran last year. okay? former ceo of godfather's pizza. as long as you run for office, he wasn't successful to get a big coalition behind him there is change afoot. the liberals and the media talk about how wonderful it to have different voices. unless it's the republican party, then it's hilarious. look at the infighting. at least the republican party is vibrant with different point of view. if you look at the democrats it's ideological lock step. >> bob: where is the vibrancy you are talking about? >> greg: there are people arguing with each other. you don't see it on the left. look how obama is treated when it comes to drones.
clinton and returned to the white house in 2009 as advisor of the national economic council, in that role he was central to president obama's the response to the financial crisis, he is here to talk about the scwes officer imposed in summer of 2011 and intended as a consequence so unaccepble congssnd theresident would have to agree on revenue increases and spending cuts in order to avoid it. with three days to go they have not been able to do that, the first $85 billion about spending cuts will take effect on march 1st, ben bernanke testified to cock earlier today he promised to extend the federal reserve stimulus measures and make made a direct appeal to avoid the sequester. >> the congress and the administration should consider replacing the sharp front loaded spending cuts required by the sequestration with policies that reduce the federal deficit more gradlly in the near term but more substantially in the longer run. >> rose: i am pleased to have larry summers back at this table. >> good to be with you, charlie. >> rose: so first off, was -- what do you believe will be the impact if a
can't get aircraft carriers i need. or even bill clinton saying i will not attack saddam hussein intelligence headquarters as he did when clinton was president because of some budget document. go ahead. >> really is profound how the president has steeped into this fear-mongering on the sequestration which was by the way his idea. you can say, as i was, talking to james carville's class down at tulane last night. the he is saying the president came up with sequestration, he was negotiating with hostage takers it was the best he could do. it was his idea. to go so far as he has woodward is right. the president doesn't being held accountable for what he himself did. bill: when woodward talks about the aircraft carrier, doesn't that give you a better glimpse what the president's priorities are? you can make the case he has wanted to cut the pentagon budget since talking the whew house 4 1/2 years ago. >> he was wanted to cut the pentagon since he was a state senator in illinois. he is getting his way. the left is very happy from sequestration. there are reports saying hey, we're fina
are arguing we had to rethink this. hillary clinton and leon panetta and chairman dempsey and others argued and the president rejected it. >> that's the governoring reality. john kerry wants to do x, y and z but he works for the president now. i don't think you are going to see that much different. you are going to see the seron rebels getting something from america where they used to get nothing. it's not necessarily going to change the calculus. >> it's going to be more money and through non-governmental organizations. >> the other interesting question is, is it too late to affect the make up of the opposition? the islamists, the al qaeda affiliated groups have been getting lot of weapons through turkey, through saudi arabia. they are very powerful in that coalition. we spent two years not supporting the sort of people we would like to see take over syria. so, it might be too late on that front as well. >> we saw the opposition leaders know they have a lot of leverage. they said they weren't going to show up. kerry called them and said show up, i'll have something for you. it's something
on zun these are things left unsaid. >> remember the clinton coffees in the white house? >> yeah. we remember all of that. >> and this becomes more of a problem for this president because he was the one who came into office and said i'm going to be completely different. can't have lobbyists work for me. we're going to be untouched, purer than anybody else and so while he's not raising the money, people are getting a reward for giving the money. >> and that's the problem. it's not that what he's doing is any different than george w. bush, bill clinton, et cetera. it's that the barack obama of 2013 is not the barack obama of 2007. >> no. >> and if you haven't realized that by now, then i'm sorry to shatter that dream. >> all right. we'll see what happens on that front. guys, thank you very much. you're going to get a haircut? >> i have to get a haircut. >> i know you were supposed to get a haircut. >> thinking about that look. with a wolf blitzer beard. the combo. >> all right. maybe something could happen. >> i couldn't do it. it's patchy. >> all right, guys. thanks very much. >>> up
-presidents. remember bill and hillary clinton when they were in the white house? they were billed as the deal to end all deals for voters. what a deal. two for the price of one. then came hillary's healthcare debacle and one had to sneak out of the bench. we catholics like to say our popes are infallible, but that does not mean they still can't be gullible. especially when those two believe they could work alongside each other like a vet can hot couple and not end up -- vatican odd couple and not drive each other cross. who is felix and who is oscar? i'm told benedict is uncontrollable neat freak. real neat freak. my bet is he is felix. i don't mean to sound irrev respect or sacrilegious but bet the rosary beads this will get bumpy. you don't have to be catholic to see catastrophe. he is so close, he can just whisper, this leads me to believe the new pope's heavenly patience with the old pope will soon pop. before long, benedict will be set up in a nice condo, maybe far away on a high mountain, where he can be just left to pray. mark my words. this will not work out. some moving out of the vatican.
increase of 77% of americans. >> we gave you a pound of flesh. >> the last budget was clinton was 1.8 from obama is three point* 6 trillion. do some math to figure out we have a spending problem. if we kept spending at rates of inflation plus population we would talk about surplus buwe're not unless u have a gun melissa: i'm melissa francis. here's what's "money" tonight. is wind energy really worth it? one town spent millions putting up turbines to go green but some locals are seeing red. they say they're getting sick. and now residents could be looking at a tax increase just to pay it take them down. do you believe that? you've to hear the story. is this the future of wind power in america. >>> two days to the sequester deadline but we have the "money" fix for the steep cuts. there are three cuts to the military that could stop the math and keep america safe. we have the details. we solve problems here. >>> parents filed suit against apple claiming it is o easy for kids to rack up massive charges for free games. now apple will pay out a truckload of cash to settle. but will it actually c
, former budget director, of congress, of bill clinton, big member of debt commission. she is widely reported by both parties. and yet she does not feel so haughty, so arrogant she would not appear in a video in a silly hat to make a serious point, this is why live having alice rivlin on. alice, great having you. >> flies to be here. be -- nice to be mere. neil: what got you doing that video? >> at my age you take a lot of risks, who cares. >> i thought it was great, it humanize the whole issue. >> i think so. i have been working with fix the debt, because i care very much about fixing our national debt, and youth arm of fix the debt is the can kicks back. they organized that little thing, i thought, well what fun, why not. neil: your message was, we can't ignore this does it bother you that many still are, there is a lot of finger-pointing and recripple nating, y democrats and you republicans, you don't want to cut your thing, and blah, blah. and it is like a bad war of the roses in washington. and nothing gets done, debt still grows, what is your biggest worry right now? >> it worr
of 77% of americans. >> we gave you a pound of flesh. >> the last budget was clinton was 1.8 from obama is three point* 6 trillion. do some math to figure out we have a spending problem. if we kept spending at rates of inflation plus population we would talk about surplus but we're not unless you have a gun to its head morrow. government will grow itself constantly. >> i think this is a win for democrats, the bush budget problem we inherited. neil: there we go. you left out fillmore. that will do it. see you tomorrow. good night. report." should the government be buying their property? and consumer reports is here with an exclusive review. 72 is the next 30, life expectancy is way up, but can we afford to live this long? "the willis report" is on the case. gerri: all that and more coming up later in the show, but first our top story, the government big bout. residents at one neighborhood hit hard by super storm sandy, staten island getting the best of deals thanks to taxpayers. homeowners whose homes were destroyed in sandy will get 100% of their damaged homes pre-storm market value. th
served as budget director in the clinton white house. that's what alice rivlin, a wise commentator. a democrat but a wise commentator. but -- and she went on to say -- quote -- "but they clearly made a tactical decision." she meant a political decision. "the washington post" title of that was "obama's spending plan criticized for avoiding the commission's measure proposals." what about "the washington post" -- quote -- "erskine bowles, democratic chairman of the fiscal commission, said the white house budget request goes nowhere near where they will have to go to resolve our fiscal nightmare." he's referring to this. this was on february 14, two days after mr. lew made those ridiculous statements. this is mr. erskine bowles, a man chosen by president obama to head the fiscal commission and spent a year studying our debt problem. how about "investors business daily," a prominent business publication." the white house new budget is far worse than merely bad by not attacking the underlying cause of our debt explosion and by raising taxes, it will lead inevitably to a weaker economy a
steinem. you're very much a part of the film. betty friedan. supreme court justices, hillary clinton but there are also ordinary women who are heroes of this film. a woman who was working for a telephone company in atlanta who challenged her employer. a woman who worked for a mining company. where did those women get that courage that they displayed? >> well, i think we get it from each other. that's why it's so important to see this film because we do what we see not what we're told. in my textbook when i was in college, there was one sentence that said women were given the vote. and that was it. we were left thinking that, you know, we got privileges from on high which just isn't the way it works. and to see the coal miner and to see a great woman in history like eileen hernandez who was on the equal employment commission and who was the president of now, who played a huge role certainly at least as much as me, more. yet people don't know her. so this is a real mix of totally unknown, should be well known, a few who are well known. it's real life. and it is, to me, in a way the beg
to look at this chart. it is compiled by "usa today." under president clinton there was a spike with the passage of the assault weapons ban and today under president obama since announcing his plans for gun control. is it really possible for organizations like yours to get a hold on the manufacturing arm of what is going on in the country? >> you know, we're not antigun. many of our mayors and there are almost 900 of them, are actually gun owners and some are nra members. we think law abiding people should for the most part be able to do whatever they want and buy as many guns as they like for the purposes of hunting or self-defense. our point has been that you can do a lot while respecting the second amendment to keep guns out of the wrong hands. that means felons, domestic abusers and others barred from having them. we think we've had an experiment in this country with assault rifles and high capacity magazines and it has not played out very well. and with rights come responsibilities. so it's time to get those off the streets. but in terms of what law abiding manufacturers, l
'm not going to invade iraq because i can't get the aircraft carriers i need or even bill clinton saying, you know, i'm not going to attack saddam hussein's intelligence headquarters, as he did when clinton was president because of some budget document? under the constitution, the president is commander in chief and employs the force. and so we now have the president going out because of this piece of paper and this agreement, i can't do what i need to do to protect the country. that's a kind of madness that i haven't seen in a long time. >> it is a madness. you also say here, you say the president's call for a balanced approach is reasonable. and i think we probably -- a lot of us would agree on the president's reasonable approach. and he makes a strong case of those at the top income brackets could and should pay more. but that was not the deal he made. you talk about the president moving the goalposts. what do you mean by that? >> well, the deal in the sequester was that it was only going to be spending cuts. and they reached that deal. in my book, i go through it step by step because the
in the current administration and under president clinton where i'll note he helped guide our nation through one of the greatest periods of economic growth in america's history. mr. lew has also served in the u.s. department of state as deputy secretary for management and resources. mr. lew has demonstrated time and again that he has the experience and knowledge to help get the nation's economy back on track. we need a strong man at the helm to help tackle the many fiscal challenges facing our nation, and i believe jack lew is that man. just two days from now, on march 1, across-the-board budget cuts, known as the sequester, will hit. $85 billion in federal spending will be sliced from thousands of programs, including medicare, rural development and early education. the nonpartisan congressional budget office predicts the cuts will slow the economic recovery and result in another year of sluggish growth and high unemployment. i firmly believe we need to cut our debt and get our fiscal house in order. we know there are places to trim the fat. the american public knows that certainly. but we need
losing manufacturing until a democrat, president clinton, and then you had companies that rushed for the cheap. stuart: but you don't want to have the american government support american manufacturers to keep jobs here, or do you? >> i do. trade policies, fair trade, i can't ship tires to china without paying a duty. i can't ship them to brazil. you can't ship. it is the same all over. if you are going to charge me -- you want fair trade? if they charge duty, we charge a duty. otherwise you put with american workers. stuart: the chinese tires come to america duty free? >> they were. and we sued. i have to go to washington. you have to hire the lawyers. pay 7 million. and then we have a trial. we prove it. so they slapped the duties on. stuart: what do you make of the state of america's economy? we have been talking this morning that it is the wal-mart economy, slow growth, high tax, big debt, slow growth. we keep hearing that. what do you make of it? >> well, whenever you have -- whether you look at most of the states, they are in trouble. our president is from chicago. the whol
can rally behind as we look for a solution to our fiscal issues. he was president clinton's o.m.b. director, and during that time we balanced the federal budget. we were able to do something that has only been done once in my lifetime, and that is we actually balanced the federal budget. jack lew was the architect of bringing us together to balance the federal budget. we need that type of leadership in the treasury today a person who understands fiscal responsibility understands how to do it in a way that you can create job growth. and during those years let me remind you we created millions of jobs. he then of course returned to public service as the o.m.b. director for president obama and as chief of staff. he has the experience we need to be secretary of the treasury, and he has the political know-how to bring us together, democrats, republicans americans to do what's right for this country. mr. president, i am proud that he's willing to step forward. i urge my colleagues to support his nomination. he is the right person at the right time to lead our nation on fiscal policy
clinton and future president barack obama. i had the privilege of speaking at her funeral too. but what can you say in the company of that greatness? well, what i said was that legislation had been introduced by jesse jackson jr. and senator john kerry to place a statue of rosa parks in the capitol of the united states. [applause] i got an uproarious reaction to it. what can you say to presidents, past and future, preachers from all over the country, a statue. i promised them that the legislation would pass and quickly. now, that funeral was november 2, and on december 1, president george w. bush signed it into law. 50 years to the day that rosa parks sat down on the bus in month combomry, alabama, 50 years to the day. so rosa parks can feel right at home in the capitol joining sojourner truth, dr. martin luther king and other american heroes. she inspires all who walk the halls with her quiet strength, her pride, her dignity, her courage. i told you how rosa parks is recognized by congress and friends of congress. now i'd like to share with you comments from one of my invited guests. t
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